Customer Appreciation Month

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From Paparazzi:

This year has been a rollercoaster, with the importance of community and connection being reiterated throughout every up and down. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the relationships we create should never be taken for granted. And as we move into the season of gratitude, we have the honor of celebrating the iconic relationship between you and your customers!
Our customers are the foundation of Paparazzi. It is through their increased confidence and fierce $5 habits, that lives are being changed every day. To thank these $5 fanatics for their role in helping us change the world, we’re offering a stunning exclusive free gift with every online customer purchase of $35 or more during the month of November.
Making its exclusive debut, say hello to the never-before-seen necklace, Combustible Charisma! This blinding statement piece features a scattered collection of marquise-shaped and classic round rhinestones that dances brilliantly along the collarbone. Each faceted edge scatters light at every angle, radiating sparkle and captivating audiences, while its classic color palette ensures versatility and mass appeal. Don’t you think it’s time your customers sparkled like the rock stars they are?
To qualify for their free gift, a customer must place one single order of $35 or more online at shop.paparazziaccessories.comWe’ll take care of the rest!
Don’t let your customers miss out! Show your customers your appreciation by encouraging them to shop through your replicated website and take advantage of this incredible offer! This is the perfect opportunity for your customers to take care of their holiday shopping.

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