Officially Recognized as Life of the Party - Bronze for 3rd year

Posted by Christina Dorsey on

It is official, I have again hit my goal and I have attained the level of Life of the Party - Bronze for the third year. It is due to all my great and loyal customers that I have to thank. I will continue to try and serve each and everyone of you as I have.

To achieve Life of the Party - Bronze, consultants must have 5,000PV (2,500 pieces) or more from July 1 - June 30. This gives a consultant exclusive access to FIVE different accessories every month for an entire YEAR. These unreleased pieces are only available to our Life of the Party members for 48 blissfully uninterrupted hours. An email notification will be sent 24 hours before the five exclusive pieces become available each month. I am shooting for GOLD access, let's see if I can hit it!

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