Officially Recognized as Life of the Party - Silver

Posted by Christina Dorsey on

It is official, I have hit another goal and milestone again this year.  Although I did not attain gold this year I have set the bar high for next year, and believe me I plan on hitting GOLD.

To achieve Life of the Party - Silver, consultants must have 10,000PV (5,000 pieces) or more from July 1 - June 30. This gives a consultant exclusive access to FIVE different accessories every month for an entire YEAR. Also, you receive the following:

  • A certificate with shimmering silver foil accents given out at our annual Convention in August.
  • Everything included with Life of the Party – Bronze
  • 5 FREE pieces sent to them each month before the 48-hour exclusive jewelry access begins.
  • Lunch with the Founders at Convention
Well here I go to obtain at least GOLD this year

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